Success stories

D Micklem
- Back Pain -

“Peter is an exceptional Physiotherapist. I have been treated by him on and off for many conditions over the years. He is very open- minded and curious, with superb analytical skills, a very wide-ranging knowledge of healing approaches. His approach is steady and long- lasting, and he is committed in a humane but intelligent way to enabling patients to take control of their own healing process”

M Campbell
- Smart Sitting Book -

This comprehensive and well-researched book is illuminating and instructive for both professionals and patients. The author’s experience and expertise is demonstrated on every page …and his techniques will bring comfort to many— Lord Menzies (Ming) Campbell (The Right Honourable Lord Campbell of Pittenweem)

L Sutherland
- Shoulder Pain -

I could write page upon page about Peter’s skills and knowledge as a clinician and his caring and pro-active personality. Yet I would still fall short of how his patient-centred, holistic and positive approach has given me a quality of life I was told was impossible – when all the other experts said “There is nothing else that can be done”.

L Semple  
- Smart Sitting Book  -

“I consulted Peter when I was suffering from lower back pain which was made a lot worse by the driver’s seat of my new car. The concepts and exercises detailed in Smart Sitting were a brilliant help in relieving and managing my pain”

M Walker
- Smart Sitting Book -

Reading this was like a light coming on. It clearly and simply explains and illustrates how back problems can be prevented or managed … the guidance and recommended exercises in this book have allowed me to come off prescribed medication